Training & Development
At ADCO we take our responsibility to develop our staff very seriously & offer a wide range of assessment & development options

At ADCO, we make sustained efforts to create an ecosystem where employee development is paramount. We use a multi-pronged approach through our various Talent Management and capability development options.

Talent & Capability Management in ADCO

People & their Development: Is part of our Core Values and we have adopted a comprehensive approach to achieve sustainable business needs through the strategic development of our employees.

Our engagement with the development of our human capital is demonstrated in the holistic Talent Management approach we have in place.  From strategic development of leadership creating Technical Leadership verticals, to establishing structured development paths for sustained skill pool development, ADCO has demonstrated the value it places on the honing of skills across its employee base. This is done primarily through the following initiatives :


  • ADCO Talent Development Centre (Psychometric assessments)
  • 360° Feedback Assessments (Behavioral assessments)
  • Employee Performance Management and Career Reviews
  • Career Ladder Panels

Training & Learning

  • Instructor-led training
  • e-Learning
  • Discipline Development Framework (a blended learning approach)
  • Personal Development Plans
  • International Conferences, Placements and Attachments
  • Post Graduate Education Opportunities
  • Certified Professional Qualifications
  • Behavioral Competency Development
  • Technical Learning Academies by ADCO Subject Matter Experts
  • Technical and Leadership Career Progression

Talent Management:

  • Succession Planning (Managerial and Technical)
  • Leadership Development

In addition to this, on-the-job development activities, job shadowing & customized training essentials are also available to build the technical competencies of individuals in a wide range of disciplines.

Retention of our employees is our key objective; the culture of Lifelong learning at the workplace is encouraged by development of Skill Clusters whereby employees have the opportunity to pursue a path of technical excellence