Safety at work
ADCO’s ultimate goal to continuously achieve the highest standards of Asset Integrity & HSE performance and be recognized as a Regional leader in the Oil & Gas Industry

​​​​​​Safety at Work

Provision of safe working environment for our stakeholders and our care to the community where ADCO operates are essential elements of a successful sustainable business. Therefore, it is ADCO’s ultimate goal to continuously achieve the highest standards of Asset Integrity and HSE performance and be recognized as a Regional leader in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our Zero harm commitments are underpinned by a holistic approach that encompasses proactive HSE Policies, Systems, Procedures and advanced training and competency programs, which are aiming at continuous improvement and prevention of industrial incidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses to its employees, contractors, and stakeholders.


HSE Policy

ADCO HSE policy provides clear guidance that ADCO holds all levels of management, supervision, and employees accountable for HSE performance.

To know more about ADCO’s HSE Policy, please click here.

Life Protection Rules

ADCO’s Life Protection Rules program was launched in 2011 with a strong focus on the 9 key risks that can impact our workers’ lives: Road safety, Gas testing, Equipment isolation, Confined space entry, Working at heights, System override, Suspended loads,Banned tools and Permit to Work.
Through the STOP Procedure, anyone can stop any work they think is or may be unsafe. The procedure has been translated into 5 languages to ensure clear communication and understanding. The complete program implementation within ADCO and the contractors’ community has seen a significant reduction in behavioral and procedural non-compliances.

This was accomplished through significant effort by all ADCO assets and functions in educating all employees and contractor staff to build a strong foundation of safe work practices.

1. Follow the Road Safety Rules.

2. Obtain a valid Permit to Work whenever required for the task at hand.

3. Conduct gas tests whenever required.

4. Verify isolation before work begins and use the specified life-protecting equipment.

5. Obtain authorization or a valid Permit to Work before entering a confined space.

6. Use specified fall-prevention equipment when working at height.

7. Obtain authorization or a valid Permit to Work before overriding or disabling safety-critical equipment / system.

8. Do not walk or stay under a suspended load.

9. Do not use banned or unauthorized tools or equipment.


Asset Integrity & Process Safety

As part of our asset integrity program, we are implementing a critical safety system and are monitoring our assets’ for integrity compliance and remaining life expectancy.
By doing so, we will be able to prevent/reduce major accidents, thereby keeping our people and our neighbors safe.

  • The reporting of process safety events increased in 2014 due to the following:
  • Enhancement on process safety culture as a result of focused campaigns during the previous 2 years.
  •  Increased field monitoring and surveillance (Supervisors spending 70% of their time in the field).


HSE Training

ADCO is committed to develop and enhance the competency and experience of its employees, whether through awareness, training or on the job development. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that new ADCO employees are inculcated with basic HSE knowledge, which will serve as a base for their own personal protection and of colleagues around them.
Recognizing the importance of developing HSE competencies, ADCO Management created a new HSE Training Team under the Crisis Management and Business Continuity Division within the HSE&CM Function. The main objective of this team is to enhance the HSE competencies of all of ADCO employees through developing and enhancing HSE training programs and delivering HSE training to the whole organization, including contractors.

The Salamatak Program was developed to ensure that all new ADCO employees were aware of the Health, Safety and Environment mandatory training courses. These course are expected to be taken within the 3 months probationary period of the employee. The courses include:

  1.  E-learning HSE induction
  2.  H2S Awareness & Escape
  3.  Basic First Aid
  4. Basic Fire Fighting
  5.  Health Safety & Environment Management System (HSEMS) Awareness

A Self-Enrollment process was established to further facilitate the training experience by enabling ADCO employees to register themselves in HSE courses through “ADCO People System”. The following courses are currently designated as self-enrollment and it is planned to add other HSE courses in the near future:

  1.  Basic First Aid
  2.  H2S & Escape Set   
  3.  Pre- PTW
  4.  PTW Basic
  5. PTW Refresher 
  6.  Authorized Gas Testing
  7.  Confined Space Entry 

In addition to these courses an ADCO HSE Training Matrix was developed which identifies competency based training for the various ADCO disciplines categorized by job title. Employees can further develop their competency by attending courses specific to their job role.
Conformance with policies, procedures and standards is imperative for safe working operations, and the HSE Training team endeavors to educate both new and current employees to the hazards and risks associated with the Oil & Gas Industry.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective clothing and appliances have an essential part to play in the  protection of employees. However, its use does not eliminate the hazards in the workplace, but it does help to control individual exposure by preventing injury and other adverse effects. It must be remembered that in ensuring the safety of personnel the Hierarchy of Control must be used to manage the Personal Protective Equipment use;

First: Eliminate the Hazard or exposure.
Second: Substitute materials or equipment to reduce the Hazard or exposure.
Third: Use engineering Control of the Hazard or exposure.
Fourth: Use procedural Control of the Hazard or exposure.
Fifth: Use Personal Protective Equipment.


An ADCO Initiative

ADCO Ladies Coverall

In accordance with its desire to promote and encourage equal participation of women in its Field activities, and as a first step, ADCO launches a new standard coverall that reflects a blend of the modern professional woman without sacrificing or losing sight of religious and/or traditional values.