ADCO working mothers
Here in ADCO, mothers have been supported in many ways

​Motherhood is one of the main pillars of society, and it is the key factor in investing the upcoming generations of this land. Women in the UAE have done a lot in the development of generations and the country. Here in ADCO, mothers have been supported in many ways. This was through systemic hours, support, and being one of the few companies to provide an in-house nursery. A couple of ADCO female employees where interviewed to discuss the matters of the experience of pregnancy at work and balancing the first early stages of motherhood.

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How ADCO supports its working mothers?

Maternity leave & Custody Leave:

Married female employees are eligible for maternity leave of 45 days and custody leave for 15 days.
The custody leave could be joined together with the 45 days of maternity or separately throughout the 18 months after giving birth.     

ADCO makes sure to create an ideal, comfortable and peaceful working environment for their working mothers. Building up a nursery with such highly qualified nannies and nurses, and for reasonable fees is a great relief for working mothers.
Educational assistance for children:

Adco provides financial education assistance to employees for the education of their children in and out UAE.
Club membership:

ADCO cares for the employee and his/her family as well, they offer free of charges club membership for the employee and his/her family. They can enjoy and join the clubs during winter, spring and summer breaks, which will make employee’s life easier.
Flexi time:

Flexible time is for all ADCO employees, but how is it beneficial for ADCO Mothers. They can attend any occasion or conferences at their children’s school during working hours. Adco makes sure to have work-life balance to insure employees satisfaction.
Medical insurance:

ADCO provides one of the best medical coverage for employees and their families.
Nursing hour: For 18 months, not to exceed 1 hour.
Medical services:

  • Vaccination
  • Kids’ priority
  • Best pediatrics
  • Ladies room (prayer & milk express)