Our Strategy
Technology implementation is becoming increasingly important in ADCO

Technology implementation is becoming increasingly important in ADCO as our fields mature, higher reserves recovery is expected and improved performance is needed. Our objective is therefore to adopt & execute strategic technologies that enable the most cost effective and value adding field developments. ADCO’s Technology Implementation Strategy was developed to rapidly implement strategic technologies & to ensure integration across the organization. 
Corporate business needs are captured initially & then strategic technologies identified for subsurface development, well delivery & placement, surface facilities & operational excellence.
Our Technology Implementation Process is illustrated in the following figure and each stage is described in more detail below:



1. Identify & Assess Technology Needs

Targeted technologies are those that have cross Asset application in ADCO and have significant value and impact. The required technologies for each of ADCO’s assets are identified through discussions with each team, technology workshops, technology framing sessions and discipline networks. A Business Technology Mapping process was used to align business needs with technological solutions. This process emphasises the need to focus only on key activities and to implement solutions rapidly to realise value early.  Typically a technology will address one or a combination of the following themes:

  • increasing reserves
  • production acceleration
  • reducing costs (capex and/or opex)
  • HSE


Furthermore, it is also required to determine the urgency of need for each Asset & the ease of implementation. The result of this exercise is an extensive list of potential technologies of interest that are taken forward to a Corporate Technology Management Workshop.Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) are used to assist in making decisions concerning the development and transitioning of technology.
The following TRL description, developed by NASA, has been adopted by ADCO.


2.Rank Technology Needs

The list of generated technologies are then ranked to determine those which add most value to the Assets, that could be implemented the fastest and which the teams had the greatest need for.  A generic example of this ranking is shown in the figure below for a compilation of ADCO’s Assets.



Technology Ranking for an ADCO Asset

3. Challenge Technologies and Approve Budget

 Engage key stakeholders and review ranked technologies.  Asset teams prepare a Project Proposal, with funding requirements, for the selected technologies. Management approve plan and budget for selected technologies.

4. Develop & Agree ADCO Technology Implementation Plan

Approve ADCO Technology Implementation Plan and integrate technologies into Business Plans.Set up Technology Focus Groups (TFGs) for each of the prioritised technologies.  TFGs are the body through which technology gets implemented, integrated and shared. They are composed of a network of multi-functional/cross-asset, technology passionate individuals that follow a process that aligns technology deployment planning with the Assets Business Planning cycle.  A multi-functional Leadership Group (i.e. Sponsors) is required to provide support and to act as a decision making body especially with respect to accelerating or stopping deployment. These Senior Managers are ultimately responsible for the implementation of the targeted, prioritised technologies. TFGs are created for all of those high ranking technologies with pan ADCO benefits.In addition, all technologies now have a much better defined value and cost of implementation.

5. Manage Early Implementation

Execute Implementation Plan, and in coordination with the TFG, review & capture learning, provide recommendations for improvement & share feedback rapidly to the organisation after completion.

6. Standardise and Replicate Technology

For those technologies that are successfully implemented, develop organisational capabilities using TFGs, dedicated training courses and the Technical Centre for example to assure uniform deployment of technology (and associated best practices) within relevant ADCO assets.

7. Monitor Technology & Feed Back Learnings

Carry out health checks, monitor performance and feed back deployment & operational learnings to relevant ADCO assets. The following steps are being used to track technology maturity:

  • Step 1: Developing Business Case
  • Step 2: Study/Planning
  • Step 3: Piloting
  • Step 4: Assessment
  • Step 5: ADCO Wide Implementation

In addition to monitoring the maturity of the technologies, the TFGs are also monitored to determine if they are fulfilling their intended function. Typically they are assessed on the following:

  •  Performance against ToR milestones;
  • Frequency of meetings and contribution from across ADCO;
  • Identification of pan ADCO benefits.


Technology Work Programme

ADCO is continuously striving to deploy the most value adding technologies for field developments. These technologies will have a significant impact on subsurface activities, drilling, surface engineering & operations. A summary of some of the technologies being pursued across ADCO is provided in the following sections.