Al Qumzi, and the “Christmas Tree”
In this image Ateej Belal was on the fields to inspect oil wells, Standing beside what is known to be the “Christmas Tree”

Al Qemzi is the Role Model for many UAE young men and employees in the company. He is also the father and mentor to those who are determined and ambitious to make a difference in their careers. Al Qemzi joined the company since the age of thirteen in Tarif. He began his career from scratch during a long journey of hard work in various oil fields. After four years in Tarif, and a year in the Training Center back in 1967, he traveled to the United Kingdom, Swansea, for education and training. After returning home, he spent time managing a number of fields until he reached to a top management position as a Deputy Director General of the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Fields Ltd., ADCO. Following 50 years of “giving”, Al Qemzi is now a consultant and the company witnesses him as a role model for its employees and the father of all.

In this picture, Ateeq Belal was in the fields to inspect oil wells, wearing his regular clothes in the early days before the Health and Safety Systems and Regulation were initiated as they are today. Standing beside what is known to be the “Christmas Tree”, is one of the memories that is recognized by those of the first generation family of the industry.