We are devoting many opportunities to retain our exciting talents

​People are our most valuable asset and ADCO is committed to all our employees and their well-being. We are devoted to the Emiratization process and it is the responsibility of all our employees to develop and maintain a highly competent UAE national workforce. It is equally important to ensure that all employees are given every opportunity to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills in order to ensure smooth and safe operations. We provide services / assistance to Guide our fresh UAE nationals to assure their readiness to join the workforce. In line with our Nationalization strategy we established Emiratization Division to give more focus on our UAE Nationals KPI’s.

Our enablers are:

Attracting UAE Talent:

we are fully dedicated to achieve our Emiratization target by recruiting and absorbing the maximum number of UAE nationals into the company to create competent UAE National calibers.

Retaining UAE Talent:

one of our main core values is People Development which is aligned to attracting new talent. We are devoting many opportunities to retain our exciting talents and enhance their skills through our various number of development programs / schemes to guide and encourage our Entry Points to achieve their anticipated career path to keep ADCO the best work environment and employer of choice.
Emiratization Development Opportunities: 

Vocational Training Programs:
The purpose of these programs is to train the UAE national (High School Certificate Holder - Males) to fill the Forman positions in the company in Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument and Control and Operation Disciplines.

Full Time Study Leve Program (Scholarships) & Two hours permission:
The program is designed to encourage ADCO’s 10- employees to continue their higher education in Technical Disciplines. The objective is to have well educated and qualified employees enrolled in the development of the company activities. Each candidate will receive a monthly stipend salary and other benefits. On graduation, the candidate will be assigned in 11+ positions in addition to the two hours academic which permission granted for those who are perusing their high education in technical disciplines / non scholars to leave office early where the employee should meets selection and eligibility criteria.

Internships / Work Placement:
Is a program which is designed to develop bachelor and higher diploma students from universities to fulfill and accomplish their qualification requirements. The program consists of sending students to experience working in a real work environment to get their work experience and get trained by expertise in the field.

UAE National Development Programs:Various number of programs and Development schemes have been established to facilitate and develop entry points to achieve their required competence levels to meet business requirements.

ADCO Training Center (ATC):
Essentially ATC introduces Competency Assurance System (CAS) Program for technicians - similar to the Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) program for engineers. The ATC program is designed to develop Technicians and Operators Operations, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument & control and Field Services.These trainees are trained by experienced ADCO staff (On Job trainers) during their Program.